Oreka is an online marketplace.


Why did we start?

We want to reduce the carbon footprint (CO2 emission) for a more greener earth. We want to achieve this by creating an efficient way to sell the items that we own, but we do not want anymore. By making it efficient to sell-off the unwanted items, we plan to reduce the demand of new items, which is our way of reducing carbon footprint on earth.


Our Mission

To reduce waste by providing the most efficient trading experience for consumers.


Our Vision

To create a greener earth and a more connected community.

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A marketplace for used goods.

  • Whether you want to sell or buy, we provide a powerful platform to support your needs.
  • If you are sellers, feel free to join Oreka to free up space and give your belongings a new life.
  • If you are buyers, be confident with all new, optimised and unique options from Oreka.
  • Let Oreka accompany you on the journey to a sustainable lifestyle!

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