How to sell.

Create a listing for free.

Sell (almost) anything. New or used. Items added every day.


List it

List in minutes. Take a few photos.

Add a description. Set your price.


Ship it

No meetups. Ship it with confidence.

Payment is guaranteed by us.


Get Paid

Listing is free.

We only charge fees when your sale is complete.

Sell it 01

First, create your listing.


Take good photos

The more the better. Shoppers like to see your items from every angle. Add video of item, for faster sales.


Describe the item fully

Include brand and product name like 'iPhone X 128GB' or 'Coach handbag tabby'. Mention the item condition honestly.


Price fairly

Search similar items to know your product's price range. Collect good reviews and build your shop reputation.

Not using it? Let’s sell it.

Ship it 02

Your item is sold. Now what?


Package the item with care

Once your item is sold, pack the item and ship the item by grab or similar services. We guarantee your payment. If you need help, contact us.

Ship within 3 business days

If you're experiencing delay, let the buyer know.

Confirm delivery of item

Let us know when you have dropped off your stuff to buyer's hand.

Seller protection. Get paid on time.

Get Paid 03

Item delivered.What’s next?


First, the buyer confirms

The buyer has three days to confirm that the item is as described.


You've been paid

Cash out or treat yourself with any of the thousands of items at Oreka.


Rate the buyer

Rate your experience with the buyer. So that, good buyers always get a good service.

Earn from home


Seller Protection

Deliver on time and as described. We guarantee your payment.


Shipping Protection

We will hold buyer money right after buyer places an order to ensure you get paid if the transaction is valid.


No meetups. No hassles.

At Oreka, all items are shipped. No meetups with strangers in strange places.

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A marketplace for used goods.

  • Whether you want to sell or buy, we provide a powerful platform to support your needs.
  • If you are sellers, feel free to join Oreka to free up space and give your belongings a new life.
  • If you are buyers, be confident with all new, optimised and unique options from Oreka.
  • Let Oreka accompany you on the journey to a sustainable lifestyle!

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